Hillary’s Smash and Dash for Stylist

Posted by Cheryl Billingham in Digital, News, 2nd November 2016

It all started one Friday afternoon, the playlist was getting pretty funky and the first can of beer had been cracked open when the phone rang… it was Tom Gormer, Photography Director at Stylist Magazine…

I’ve had an idea and I need your help… I want to make an 8 bit computer game!

This was (of course) music to our ears and led to 3 weeks of conversations about the dimensions of glass ceilings, curtain colour in the Oval Office, breed of Obama’s dogs and Donald Trump’s hair do.

Before we knew it we were making a Hillary vs Donald Trump 8-bit game, commissioned by Stylist called Hillary’s Smash and Dash!


Our recent experimentations in 8-bit game design and build had given us some valuable insights. From previous campaign analytics we know a huge amount of traffic comes from mobile devices, however desktop is by no means dead! Chrome plugins such as Muz.li which offer aggregated design feeds, drive huge amounts of traffic, not to mention the Stylist blog itself. Not everyone has a mouse, keyboard or touch screen, by using simple controls we were able to offer universal interaction. We scamped every element out on paper, making sure each scene would work. From there we took it into dev and created a clickable prototype, pixel characters and elements for each scene.

Check out the leading story in Stylist Magazine or play the game and see if you can get Hillary to the Oval Office – just don’t let Donald grab you where it hurts!

We continue our struggle to create an inpenetrable leaderboard, however in true election style, hackers are everywhere and using ever craftier techniques to rig their results.

In true Stylist fashion, not only is the game compelling but it’s also furiously feminist!

- Tom Gormer, Photography Director at Stylist Magazine


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