Make your bananas Fairtrade

A petition to protect the poorest farmers and workers from the UK’s banana price battles


In the past decade, the price of a supermarket banana has halved, whilst the cost of producing bananas has doubled. This means many of the farmers and workers who grow them are now living below the poverty line.

As part of the ongoing battle with UK supermarkets, we were asked to provide a way for the public to petition certain supermarket chains to renegotiate their banana contracts.

One in three bananas bought in the UK is Fairtrade, making a huge difference to thousands of farmers, workers and their families.



We developed a system allowing users to enter their postcode to determine a radial area and every liable supermarket in within it. Users would be shown all of the supermarkets and prompted to send multiple pre-written emails to those within the area at the click of a button.

We created a custom Google map and using the data provided by users we were able to create a live infographic marking every supermarket that received the email and how many times. The markers changed colour as the volume of emails received increased to a particular supermarket increased.

A live counter also reported how many messages have been sent to these supermarkets and head offices.


"Our biggest success has been showing Asda and Tesco that UK consumers do want verification that supermarkets treat their banana farmers and workers fairly."

- Fairtrade UK