The Portrait Machine

Building a playful platform for an illustrative project branching into the events market.


London based illustrator and artist Amy Pennington is known for her quirky line drawings and characterful representations of all kinds of folk. Her social and community projects and installations are popular in the London scene and she was keen to have somewhere to promote ‘The Portrait Machine’.

Now available for hire, Amy can be hired to sit in inside the machine at all kinds of events, from weddings and festivals to corporate events. For a small payment or by token, she will draw her audience and deliver the personalised drawing through the slot.

A truly quirky and interactive experience, Amy wanted a way to explain the idea behind the project and to present it to the events market.



We created a simple one page scrolling website to help explain the Portrait Machine process succinctly and with character through illustration and simple animations.

We incorporated an Instagram feed to act as a gallery feeding directly through to the website, meaning that Amy, or of course guests, could #hashtag their illustrations at events and these would feed through to her landing page.

As well as a great way for Amy to showcase her Portrait Machine, the website has been featured as an example of best practice web design.