April 19

5 useful user experience resources

Users are at the core of any website. As web designers and developers we have to ensure they have a great experience, so this week we have rounded up our top 5 UX resources.


1. Don’t make me think

“Don’t make me think” is a fantastic book by Steve Krug which takes a common sense approach to web usability. It’s a great book for anyone who is at the beginning of their UX career or a web designer that needs a user experience refresh.



2. UX apprentice

By Theresa Neil & Balsamiq, UX Apprentice is also another great resource for those looking at gaining more knowledge about user experience design. The website is designed to teach you the basics of UX using a process of discovery, strategy and then design. Once you’ve got the basics, UX Apprentice gives you pointers of where to learn more.



3. Gliffy.com

We’ve tried a fair few wire framing tools in our time and we’re quite impressed with Gliffy. It’s simple, easy to use, and basic which is definitely a positive. Gliffyq isn’t solely for  UX design as you can create professional Flowcharts, Wireframes, UML diagrams, Networks and more — which means it’s a really flexible tool. Gliffy isn’t free, however you can get a free trial for 30 days.



4. Website stencil kit

There’s nothing quite like pencil and paper when getting your ideas down quickly. However in the process of knocking out a quick layout or wireframe it’s very easy to create something that is mess and perhaps not 100% clear. UI Stencils allow you to quickly generate ideas with a simple, yet comprehensive set of icons and symbols. We absolutely love these stencils as well as the paper templates. You can buy a Website Stencil Kit here.



5. UX. Stack Exchage

Nothing helps you learn a new skill like asking questions and getting involved with discussions. UX. Stack Exhange is a truly great resource when trying to understand and develop your user experience knowledge.