September 22

Event: Exploring African Fairtrade Gold

We were lucky enough be invited to an event showcasing Fairtrade’s work with technology jewellery businesses, working to integrate African gold into their supply chains. Through the lens of Magnum photographer Ian Berry an exhibition shines a light on the stark conditions within which small-scale miners operate.


A year ago, the first Fairtrade mine in Africa, Syanyonja Artisan Miners’ Alliance, Uganda, became Fairtrade certified. This is a significant milestone in the industry and this event celebrates the first Fairtrade Certified Gold from Africa to reach the UK market.

We worked with Fairtrade to launch an e-learning platform for everybody involved in the manufacture and sale of gold jewellery, from the smallest designer to the largest chain on the high street to become an ambassador of Fairtrade Gold.


You can become an Ambassador for Fairtrade Gold here