November 25

Fix Dementia Care – Alzheimer’s Society

We’re taking action to fix a broken homecare system. Will you? This week we were disheartened to hear that a highly anticipated new Alzheimer’s drug trial had failed.

With few existing medical treatments for dementia, high quality care for patients is all the more important. It’s quite shocking that the Alzheimer’s Society has found 1 in 3 homecare workers have no dementia training. It’s just not good enough.

This month we’re working with the Alzheimer’s Society to design and build a campaign site which aims to educate the public on our broken homecare system, urging the public to sign a government petition. We are calling on the Chancellor to give £25million to fund dementia training for all homecare workers. This will have a direct impact on the quality of life of those living with dementia.

In this first week of launch, 70% of all site visitors signed the petition. This resulted in 18,000 names on the petition and numbers are increasing daily.