April 1

Enhancing WordPress functionality

We’re big fans of WordPress here at Eight Arms HQ.  It’s a useful tool, which allows our clients to easily make updates to their content. Whilst we never use off-the-shelf templates (we always design from scratch) WordPress seems to be the preferred CMS amongst many of our clients so we thought we’d put together a list of plugins and add-ons that can improve functionality.


Like a lot of open-source software it’s an ever evolving work in progress and as a result it’s missing a few things from it’s core functionality that would make it perfect. Luckily it has a great community behind it meaning there are number of plugins available to crank it up a notch and make it a really powerful content management system.


Intuitive Custom Post Order

This plugin allows you to customise the order of posts, pages, custom post types, and custom taxonomies  using a drag and drop interface in the WordPress admin. This makes the ordering of content on the front end of the website super simple.

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Yoast SEO

WordPress has pretty good SEO capabilities built in, but Yoast supercharges them. This plugin allows the easy creation of sitemaps, intuitive breadcrumbs,  the ability to create SEO friendly page titles and meta descriptions and preview them in SERPS (search engine result pages) before putting them live, perform keyword audits of your content and load loads more all from within the WordPress admin area.

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CMS Tree Page View

Out of the box WordPress is great for managing smaller websites, but if you have ever had to create a website with multiple pages, sub pages, sub-sub pages etc… then it can start to get quite hard to maintain from the default WordPress admin area.

CMS tree page view makes the organisation of content much easier. It enables a CMS-like tree overview of all your pages and custom posts which makes WordPress perfect for managing much larger websites.

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Regenerate thumbnails

This plugin allows you to regenerate all your WordPress images to the sizes that you have defined in your functions.php file. This is handy if you need to add additional image sizes at any point, as it will resize all images that you have uploaded. Be careful doing this on a live site though as it can be fairly resource heavy if you have a lot of images.

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Wordfence is the most downloaded WordPress security plugin and for good reason. It is amazing. I could go into more details but I would advise that you head over to their website to take a look for yourself. If you don’t use it, I strongly advise that you install it today.

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User Role Editor

WordPress allows you to define different roles for users. Admin, Editor, User etc… The problem is, these roles are fairly restricted with what they allow each usre to do. For example you may want a client to be able to edit the menus on your WordPress website, but not have the full admin access that the default admin role provides. With the user role editor this is super easy as you can assign custom permissions to each role.

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As with any plugins it’s always best to check the reviews and how often they are updated before installing them, and once you have them installed keep them updated!

We hope that if you read this far you find this post useful and informative and if you have any suggestions for other plugins that we should include on our list then send us a tweet over on @eightarmsHQ