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Eastward is a 90s-style RPG adventure set in a ravaged, post-apocalyptic world. Chucklefish Games asked us for â€Ļa fun microsite to announce the highly anticipated release of this charming and hopeful game.

Sometime in the near future...

We were asked to create a website in the theme and feel of Eastward – to set the visitor in the world of the game. With only a few trailers and graphics seen by the public, our job was to communicate the charm, mystery and strangeness of the game.

Trailers and features

There are a few key elements expected of a game site. We ensured the game trailer is quickly found and we an engaging way to explore the game features.

Giving character

A playful profile switcher introduces Eastwards main protagonists while adding in a little fun and character.

Beneath the surface

There are strange surprises and micro-games to be found along your Eastward adventure. Continuing this idea into the website allowed us to play with a number of fun interactive additions for the exploring user.