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We worked with Childnet to improve their communications both on and offline. We delivered a fresh new brand identity and a functional new website.

A new face

Not fond of their existing logo and without any wider brand to hold their identity together, we worked to bring a new character and cohesion to Childnet’s visual identity. Keeping the Childnet logo’s face, we gave it the inquisitive look of a child, and paired it with a warmer and bold wordmark.

Accessibility and legibility were key concerns when expanding on their colour palette and setting type styles. We all wanted a brand that was inviting for all and rich in personality.

A good report

Eight Arms were commissioned to undertake an analytical report on Childnet’s website. Group and individual interviews of staff, educators and parents gave a clear guide to the changes needed. Briefed to rethink the site from the inside out, we worked with the Childnet team to map a site that is clear to navigate and easy to use for all of their audiences.

Browsing the library

The staff at Childnet have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Outputting guidance, lesson plans, and support with up-to-the-day relevance. The new website gives educators and parents a quick and easy way to explore the content. Super fast search functionality and in-depth categorisation mean that every resource is at the users’ fingertips.