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We worked with Element, a new ventures company, to develop a distinct brand that reached out to the founders of tomorrow's breakthrough companies.

Daring to do things differently

The team behind Element had an impressive history but, launching a new company, they needed to ensure they could get noticed within a competitive field where there was an accepted way to look and talk.

Backing the visionaries

Ditching the vapid language of the financial technology world, we defined a voice that embodied Element’s philosophy of nurturing the companies they invest in. We focused on the relationships they build with founders; the sharing of experience, support and networks. The messaging was written to be clear and confident and always with a driving sense of excitement.

Investors in tomorrow

We developed the identity to be as usable as it was striking. Wishing to ensure a clear and consistent voice as the company grows, we ensured the design would elevate their pitch materials as much as their online presence.