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German History Museum

We created an engaging and interactive digital exhibition for the German History Museum that allowed explorative methods of content discovery alongside a more linear system of navigation.

Telling a rich and layered story

The German History Museum’s exhibition – Forms, Voices, Networks – examined how feminists have used media for activism. The collection was constructed from around twenty articles covering a century, three countries, and multiple media.

Recognition to regeneration

Ordered into five themes that collected individual stories together, there was a straight-forward way that the entire exhibition could be seen although opportunities to run off at multiple tangents were encouraged at the edges.

Print and protest

Our designs referenced the print techniques and protest posters from the exhibition. This was mixed with a vivid colour palette that couldn’t be ignored. Collage illustrations from Michelle Thompson introduced each section, along with additional illustrations from Harriet Hatwell and Jenny Hersh within articles.

A mosaic of stories

Maya Caspari at the German History Museum expressed how feminism’s various histories have been described as waves, a mosaic, a loom, or lace. This was taken as inspiration in designing the non-linear methods for exploring the collections. Stories could be explored through their connections and overlaps allowing a reader’s path to veer off into new and exciting areas.

Form and function

The site was built to give a great reading experience across devices big and small. Even the more complex interactions were designed from the start to work smoothly however the reader was viewing the site.