Fairtrade Schools

An educational hub to facilitate teaching and learning with Fairtrade.


“Before you finish eating breakfast in the morning, you’ve depended on more than half the world”  – Martin Luther King

It’s concepts like these Fairtrade share with school children, in order to educate them on exactly where their food comes from. To support this education, they regularly develop quality resources for teachers to access and use in the class room.

We were engaged to completely re-design and develop the Fairtrade Schools website that acts as hub for these resources. We set out to ensure the range of teaching materials were easily accessible and showcased in a way that inspires teaches to take action at their school.



After speaking with target audience first hand, we grouped and titled resources in a way that would make the most sense to the teachers. We utilised Fairtrade brand colours to code and group information and provide clear routes throughout the website to help teachers quickly gain access to resources and take action. Advanced search functionality was built in, allowing teachers to filter their search and seamlessly switch between a map and grid view, depending on their preference.

We brought vibrant images of children taking part in Fairtrade activities right to the forefront of the design to ensure the purpose of the website is clear. Animations across the maps on the homepage and landing page we’re included to bring some extra movement and interest to the site.



The end result is a highly visual and interactive platform that teachers are already making the most of. Feedback (collected via the website feedback form) has been overwhelming positive since launch in February.

The seamless backend management of resources and a directory of schools allows the Fairtrade Schools team to focus on what’s important – bringing Fairtrade into the classroom with quality teaching materials.

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Eight Arms really considered our audience and created a site that's slick and simple to use. Teachers love the way they can search easily for the resources they need. A fantastic service, delivered to a very tight deadline.

- Katheryn Wise - Education Campaigns Officer, Fairtrade UK

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